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The Netherland, High tech Chrysanthemum growing.

The Netherland, High tech Chrysanthemum growing.
Czech Republic, irrigation in orchards.
Czech Republic, bio orchard.
Czech Republic, field vegetables irrigation.
Czech Republic, irrigation in Moravia wine region.
Czech Republic, pump house renovation.
China, Mudanjiang, renovation of solar greenhouses.
China, Mudanjiang, grapes in greenhouses.
Turkey, Afyon area, greenhouses.
Belgium, Strawberries in January.
Canada, Leamington, Greenhouses.
The Netherlands, Honselersdijk, Westlands Museum.
Spain: Sistema Mixto in the Almeria area.
China: Beijing, Local turnkey greenhouse builder Oritech, greenhouse under construction.
The Netherlands: glass greenhouses in the Westland area.
California: berries.
China: solar greenhouse.