Presscon Vital Oxidizer

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Presscon Vital Oxidizer

How does the Presscon Vital Oxidizer work?

Oxygen in the water is crucial for water quality. Oxygen-rich water means healthy, ‘living’ water, with which soil life and plants can thrive. The Presscon-Vital-Oxidizer  is a water improvement technique that cleans water in a natural way from algae and other organic pollution. This natural way of cleaning serves to replace the use of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine, among other things. The addition of oxygen will provide an aerobic environment resulting in a healthier aquatic environment in which germs have less chance. The Presscon Vital-Oxidizer uses venturi technology to suck oxygen into the water and give the oxygen a whirl so that the oxygen dissolves in the water and binds to the water.


With the Presscon Vital-Oxidizer, the water is enriched to a saturation value of 100-120% dissolved oxygen at a normal atmospheric air pressure of 1013.25 h Pa. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is never the same and depends, among other things, on the water temperature.