A new market?

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Een nieuwe markt

A new market.
It seems simple, you think you found a new market for your products.
Actual figures show that there is a lot of potential. The government supports the growers with subventions and takes care of education, what can go wrong?
However, in reality it is different. The growers are not familiar with your way of working and do not have enough knowledge to understand what your product does.
Besides this, the growers as used to work in a way that appears to be strange to you, often in greenhouse which is not suitable.
After you have set your first steps into this new market, and have already spend a lot of time to introduce your product, there is no succes as yet.
It might be smart to investigate in advance whether your product is suitable for the local market. Does it fit in the way the growers are used to work? Do the growers see the benefits of your product? Can they afford it? Do you need others suppliers in order to offer a complete package?
With this GHBD Holland B.V. can assist you by looking to the opportunities in a practical way and by interviewing growers in advance. Have a clear view on costs and benefits. Important for the grower is his investment contribute to a better yield.
If there is a chances for succes then GHBD Holland B.V. will find progressive growers who will test your products.
These pilot projects must be supported and accurately monitored, so succes will be guaranteed. If required GHBD Holland B.V. takes care of this.Want to know more about our approach? Send us an E-mail or make an appointment.

As an example this Chinese greenhouse. How do your products fit in this 670 square meter greenhouse?